If you have heard of our amazing product Vidaslim plus, we now have them in 30 day Trials!! 
VidaSlim Plus is the perfect blend of tejocote root powder form, Spirulina and vitamin B12. If you need that to lose weight and sustain energy this is the product for you! VidaSlim Plus 30 day Trial contains 30 capsules for a 1 month supply with many added health benefits such as antioxidants and vitamins. 1 is taken daily after a large meal and you must drink water through out the day (approx. 3 liters). A banana or avocado is also recommended daily to replenish any loss of potassium.  


Disclaimer: Changes/ Results vary from person to person. VidaSlim USA does not guarantee results 


Shelf Life: About a year if unopened and stored properly.

VidaSlim Plus 30 Day

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